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What’s the Difference Between Juvederm® and Juvederm® Ultra?


At Advanced Life Clinic in Huntsville, Alabama, we are dedicated to helping our clients feel and look their best. With new products being developed every day by industry leaders, we make it our business to stay ahead of the curve and add the latest products to our menu of services. With dermal fillers specifically created to treat individual areas, we have a selection of injectable formulations to produce perfect results for our clients. Juvederm® and Juvederm® Ultra are among the dermal fillers used at Advanced Life Clinic to customize every treatment.


A Complete Menu of Products

Besides Juvederm and Juvederm Ultra, we have additional Juvederm products created to produce a variety of results. Each product has its own particular make-up, but they all have similarities as well. For instance, Juvederm injectables are all made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally based enzyme, or sugar, that already exists in the body.

Different Injectables – Different Results

In contrast to Botox and Dysport, two injectables that block signals from the nerves to the muscles, Juvederm products are in a category of dermal fillers that add volume and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike botulinum toxin injections, where results are not visible for up to a week, the recipients of dermal fillers see changes in their appearance immediately after treatment.

With dermal fillers, although you can see a difference in your appearance instantly, it can take a few days for the product to settle and any minimal swelling or bruising to disappear. Still, you will notice immediately how natural your results look. Not only is there no downtime after your treatment, but the time it takes to treat you will be surprisingly–and pleasantly–short as well.

Freeze or Fill

Where botulinum toxin injections are known for their ability to stop worry lines from worrying and crow’s feet from crowing, by freezing the muscles that allow them to move, dermal fillers target loss of volume caused by the aging process or weight loss. Whether you need to “freeze or fill”, our Advanced Life Clinic team is here to recommend and perform the right treatment to achieve your goal.

Is Juvederm for You?

Before considering the type of Juvederm to get, it is important to confirm you are a candidate for dermal fillers. The requirements are simple. You must be over 21, have no allergy to lidocaine (a numbing solution added to the product for comfort), and no history of severe allergic reactions. You should not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

At the time of your appointment, your practitioner will go over all product information with you and determine the best type of product to treat your specific area(s) of concern. With a team of cosmetic experts here to guide you, you can look forward with confidence to achieving your desired outcome. Customizing treatment begins with understanding your individual goals so we can recommend the most effective services and products for you.

Mirror Mirror

We all look at our reflections every day. We see the features we love about ourselves, but we often focus most on those we would like to change. With the many products and types of Juvederm we use at Advanced Life Clinic, we can produce your desired enhancements. The Juvederm types we offer are:

  • Juvederm® Ultra
  • Juvederm® Voluma
  • JJuvederm® Volbella
  • Juvederm® Vollure

Juvederm Ultra

This product is indicated for use if you are looking to plump up your lips, fill lip lines, and smooth nasolabial folds. These are the lines that run from the edges of the nose to the edges of your mouth.

The Ultra Difference

Ultra is a thinner substance than other Juvederm® products and designed for deeper filling and to create needed definition.

How Long Results Last

After treatment with Juvederm® Ultra, added volume and filling of lines will last for up to one year.

Juvederm Voluma

Voluma is used to correct age-related, mid-face volume loss, particularly in the upper and mid-cheek area. While adding volume, it can also be used to lift and contour cheeks into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Voluma is most effective in filling out a sagging or folding chin. The appearance of loosening jowls can also be minimized, not from direct injection, but as a result of injections targeted to lift the upper and mid-face.

The Voluma Difference

A uniquely different consistency than Juvederm® Ultra, Voluma has an intentional jello-like thickness so that it stays in place just in front of the bone, where it is placed for maximizing volume in thinning faces. Designed to build up cheeks and chin, the thicker consistency of Voluma makes it a good choice for deeper injecting compared to some other products in the group.

How Long Results Last

A long-lasting product, you can expect to see the results of your Voluma treatment for up to two or more years.

Juvederm Volbella XC

Volbella is formulated for injection into the lips without creating the overly puffy mouth left by other injectable products. It is intended to provide added definition and to treat fine lines around the mouth. In particular, Volbella is used for the correction of perioral or “lipstick” lines.

The Volbella Difference

Volbella is formulated with a smaller amount of hyaluronic acid than the other products. Its consistency is intended for injection into highly delicate areas without causing irritation or excessive swelling.

How Long Results Last

The optimum lasting power of Volbella is over one year.

Juvederm Vollure

This product, released in 2017, was made to treat moderate lines and folds around the lower face and the nasolabial folds more commonly referred to as laugh lines.

The Vollure Difference

Another somewhat thicker formulation, Vollure is sometimes used in lips for those who prefer a lifting quality as a result of their injections.

How Long Results Last

Vollure is meant to last eighteen months.

More Filler Applications

In addition to the above-indicated applications, Juvederm is often used to help fill in the trough groove on both the inside and outside of the eyes. It is especially beneficial in reversing the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes. Volbella, Vollure, and Ultra can all be used for this purpose, and we can suggest the best option to incorporate when preparing your treatment plan.

Minimizing Acne Scars

If you have acne scars, especially depressions that cause an uneven surface and discoloration of the skin, ask how these products can work to fill in those marks and build a smoother-looking complexion. If you struggle with the after-effects of acne, fillers of this type work wonders to minimize scarring and help you love the way your skin looks again.

Making the Most of Your Treatment

Although there are basic timelines that indicate how long you can expect your Juvederm injections and other treatments to last, you (and your body) have an influence on their longevity in several ways.

Metabolism Plays a Role

Because hyaluronic acid is an enzyme metabolized by the body, your individual metabolism will have an impact on how long your filler lasts. Of course, this natural process is out of your control, but there are things you can do to maintain the effect of your injections for as long as possible.

Time Trains the Body

There is one school of thought that believes the more injections you get, the more your body becomes trained to maintain the product, lessening the need for treatment as often. For this reason, it is suggested you get regular touchups to keep the filler doing its thing, rather than to let a treated area go back to its original shape.

Do Not Disturb

Dermal fillers that are disturbed the least last the longest. It follows that products placed near the mouth, into lips and smile lines, are more likely to dissolve the fastest because they are in the areas that experience the most movement.

You can try to minimize how big you open your mouth, how widely you smile, or even how much you talk, but it isn’t likely to make a marked difference. Just be aware that areas you move less are apt to retain their product longer, so you can expect to need filler in more animated places on your face sooner than in others.

Stay Hydrated and Shaded

Good overall health dictates you should drink a lot of fluids as a general rule, but hydration can also play a role in the longevity of your filler. After treatment, be diligent about getting your seven glasses a day or more. You’ll feel better and look better longer. Along with drinking water, to keep skin hydrated, you will want to stay out of the sun as much as possible, always wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging (and aging) UV rays.

What You Should Know Before You Go

When you are scheduled for treatment, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your appointment and make the most of it.

Before and After

For best results, you want to be sure to keep your skin as clean and well cared for as possible. Moisturize and stay out of the sun. Avoid alcohol for twenty-four hours before your appointment. You will also want to avoid green tea and supplements including licorice, garlic, ginger, ginkgo and fish oil and vitamins E and A. Discontinue taking common blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen.

After treatment, avoid all the same things listed as prohibited before treatment. To promote the best result, add both pineapple (it promotes healing) and arnica to your routine the week before and after your appointment. You can have an ice pack on hand in case of minor swelling, but the chances are you will not need it.

Once You’re On a Roll

When taking positive steps to maintain your appearance, dermal fillers like Juvederm® are a terrific addition to your self-care regimen. Exercise, diet, massage, and facials are also activities you can add to your routine to build strength and confidence. Don’t wait to be a better you. Call Advanced Life Clinic in Huntsville, Alabama, today.

More Than Juvederm

When you have your next appointment at Advanced Life Clinic, be sure to ask us about the full menu of services we offer to enhance your appearance in addition to injections. We are committed to helping you “Look, Feel, and Be your Best” with the newest and most effective treatments being added to our list of services all the time.

Cutting edge, yet non-invasive skin care solutions include tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation with platelet-rich plasma, and more. Change the shape of your life, and tummy, with Ultherapy and ask us how we can support you in your weight loss goal with our nutritional diet plans and healthy supplements. At Advanced Life Clinic, it is truly all about you.

Transform Your Wellness Journey Today

At Advanced Life Clinic, we believe in the power of comprehensive wellness and harmonious aging. Our skilled professionals are ready to guide you through a personalized journey toward optimal health and rejuvenation. We invite you to experience our unique, holistic wellness and anti-aging treatment approach.