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Weighing in on weight

Weighing in on weight - Medical Spa in Huntsville, AL  Huntsville

Your “weight” is not just the number on your scale. When people are dieting, they weigh themselves a lot. Many become almost obsessed with the scales and the number on them. My recommendation? Stop stepping on the scales and start analyzing!

Getting a baseline FULL body composition to determine your lean vs. fat vs water content is critical when starting a weight loss program. Here’s why. Weight consists of bone, water, fat and muscle. A very fit and muscular woman weighing 140 pounds may have a body fat of 18%;. This woman does NOT need to lose weight. An unfit, sedentary woman of 140 pounds who has a body fat percentage of 38% is not healthy and need to lower her body fat percentage. These two women weigh the same but there body composition and health status are very different.
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How to change your body composition.

1. Diet. Its not just enough to lower your total calories to around 1200 calories to lose weight. You must also change what is IN those 1200 calories. Fat loss requires a high protein, Low complex carbohydrate diet. I will discuss this more in a future blog.

2. Exercise. Its not just enough how much you exercise, it’s HOW you exercise. Studies show that brisk walking or running at a mod pace is not the best way to reduce fat. High intensity cardio done in bursts for shorter durations mixed with weight bearing exercise causes more fat loss. So stop walking on the tread mill and consider sprints or jumping alternating with lifting weights.

Bottom line?

If you start a fat reduction program don’t get discouraged if your “weight” doesn’t go down. You may be replacing fat with muscle and your total weight may not change. Get a baseline before you start and consider a medical weight loss program and professional advice to help you get started.

At Advanced Life Clinic, body composition analysis is part of all of our weight loss programs; allowing us to truly customize programs for each individual.

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