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How Long Do the Effects of Gainswave Last?


Sexual well-being is something that all men cherish. Most of them, though, will experience occasional and sometimes ongoing trouble when it comes to their sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common condition for men of all ages, and today there are much better treatments available than the old-school pills that don’t really solve the problem. Advanced Life Clinic in Huntsville, AL is now offering the GainsWave treatment, which can restore (and even exceed) your youthful sexual self.

What Is GainsWave?

GainsWave is a painless, non-invasive therapy designed to increase healthy blood flow to the penis and organically regenerate fresh new vascular tissue in the penile area. The treatment uses ultra-high frequency soundwaves that you can’t hear but are intense enough to disturb the internal tissues in the areas being treated. These vibrations, which are called “shockwaves,” break up blood vessels that have been clogged with plaque or otherwise constricted by age.

In this therapy, the body sees the disturbances caused by the therapy and considers them serious enough to send regenerating repair agents to the affected area. Over the course of weeks and months, fresh new tissue grows to replace the old. Blood flow is vastly improved, which results in better, harder, longer-lasting erections that rival those from a youthful sexual prime. For many men, the results even exceed this.

How Long Do the Effects of GainsWave Last?

Every man’s physiology is unique to them, as is their particular experience with ED, so the results of the Gainswave treatment can vary. For most patients, the effects of the therapy usually last between 2 and 3 years. The reason for these long-term results is that the Gainswave treatment actually fixes the ED problem through regenerative medicine. Conventional treatments like ED pills are effective for only minutes or hours. After successful shockwave treatment, there’s no need for these medications.

While the treatment is not considered permanent, the benefits of the Gainswave treatment can be had on an ongoing basis by simply being re-administered over time. You can enjoy your sexual prime well into senior age by simply revisiting us every few years for more sessions.

Why Was It Developed?

Sexual arousal in both men and women produces a rush of blood flow to the genitalia. For men, this burst of blood produces an erection, and a continuous supply of fresh blood throughout the sex act keeps the erection intact long enough for mutual sexual satisfaction. Over the course of time and aging, our circulatory systems don’t perform as well as they once did. Blood vessels become blocked with a plaque and there’s inadequate blood flow for satisfying sex.

These problems are often amplified by the psychological aspects of ED. When you’re anxious that you may not be able to perform sexually, you’ve already laid the groundwork for a disappointing connection with your partner. When you’re worried about whether the pill you just took will kick in at the right time, or last long enough, or work at all, you’re not really in the moment. Regenerative therapy repairs the underlying problem behind ED and puts it behind you.

Why Is It a Better Way?

Clinicians overwhelmingly agree that the vast majority of ED cases are simply a matter of poor blood flow. Studies show that this problem is responsible for as much as 80% of all reported cases. The most practical solution for the past 20+ years has been to take a pill that temporarily increases blood flow. These pills, which go by brand names that every ED patient already knows by heart, were originally developed for heart disease.

While these drugs didn’t solve the angina problem that the researchers set out to fix, they did notice that the subjects in the clinical trials reported getting an erection from the drug. Cut to 1996 and suddenly big pharma is saying you can “cure” ED with a pill. Unfortunately, you can’t cure ED with a pill, but you can fix the underlying issue behind your ED so that you won’t need any pills. GainsWave therapy has many advantages over band-aid treatments for ED, such as:

It Lasts For Years

The active ingredient underlying most ED medications stays active for only a short time; several hours is a best-case scenario. For many men, the effect lasts less than an hour, if that. Timing becomes a worrisome issue. Some extended-release pills claim to last for a weekend and for some men they do; for others, they’re another disappointment. Shockwave treatments paper-over fix the symptom, they fix the problem. The results can be enjoyed for years.

No Side Effects

When you take a pill for ED, your body’s vascular system is being artificially juiced so that you can have enough blood flow for sex. Unfortunately, this method frequently causes side effects that aren’t very helpful for sex, including headaches, nausea, and light-headedness. Once the shockwave treatments have completed their regeneration, you can say goodbye to these pills – along with their side effects and not insignificant cost.

No Psychological Addictions

Pills for ED aren’t physically addictive. However, their regular use easily builds a psychological need and many men are afraid to attempt sex without them. While the main issue causing most ED is physically-based (blood flow), our mental state plays a major role in sex too. Anxiety produces a rush of chemicals that are definitely not designed to “put you in the mood.” With shockwave therapy, you eliminate worry from the sex equation.

Understanding the Science

The core concept behind this therapy is called “regenerative medicine.” Our bodies are already designed to heal themselves from injury and illness. When we sprain an ankle or knee, we’ve actually caused micro-tears in the tissue. As the sprain heals, the tissues are rebuilt and the injury is healed. As we get older, these regenerative capabilities are less and less able to keep up with the workload. Injuries take longer to heal. The tissue becomes worn, blood vessels become blocked.

By applying the soundwaves to strategic areas around the penis, the treatment yields two effects. First, the vibrations loosen blockages that inhibit blood flow. Many patients report feeling results from this action as soon as the first night of the first treatment. The second effect is that the body’s repair system starts sends healing agents to the “disturbed” tissue, just like healing that sprain. In a matter of a few weeks, you’re a new man.

What’s the Track Record?

The technology behind shockwave therapy has been used successfully throughout Europe for more than 20 years. Patient satisfaction rates are typically reported to be 75-80% positive. Impressively, the patient satisfaction score rises slightly among respondents a year after the treatment. This not only shows that the effects are long-lasting, but that patients become increasingly happy over time that they had the treatment.

Here in the U.S., shockwave has been used in medical applications for many years, such as breaking up kidney stones. A shockwave delivery system that has been optimized for ED is now available in the U.S. branded as GainsWave. The technology brings a pedigree of effectiveness and patient satisfaction that’s been proven worldwide.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Over the course of the two decades that this therapy has been used as a treatment for ED, there has never been a single reported incident of a negative side effect. The treatment is absolutely safe, as well as convenient, and painless. When you leave our office, you simply go on with your day.

In fact, the therapy is actually safer than taking oral medications for ED. Many people take multiple medications each day, often for chronic conditions. The effects produced by ED pills can interact with these other medications in unpredictable ways. Many men who take ED pills experience trouble with sleep, stiffness, and pain in their muscles, and other side effects. Shockwave therapy lets the body rebuild itself so that you don’t need the ED pills anymore.

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

Some 30 million American men seek treatment for ED every year. Virtually all of them are good candidates for this safe, effective therapy. In fact, the treatment is a great option for patients who are unable to take medications for ED because of problems with blood pressure or heart disease. Our expert team will come up with a treatment plan based on your health and habits to determine the appropriate number of treatments for success.

For Any Man…

ED is certainly a common enough problem, especially for men over 40. However, many men who don’t experience ED but would like to enhance their sex life choose shockwave therapy as a way of heightening their sexual abilities and having sexual experiences that they may have missed out on when they were younger.

A man’s sexual prime occurs at approximately 19 years of age. Unfortunately, few of the other components necessary for great sex life – a great partner or spouse, emotional intelligence, and sexual experience to name a few – are in place or developed at this age. Thanks to this rejuvenating, anti-aging therapy, it’s possible for men of any age to have sex again with the confidence and stamina they had in their youthful prime. For many men (and their partners), the treatment is a genuine revelation.

When Will I See Results?

Every man is different, so an appropriate course of treatment is determined in collaboration with our expert medical team. Typical treatment schedules call for 6-10 therapy sessions that are spread out over the course of a few weeks. While many men feel improvements from the therapy almost immediately, these effects are only the tip of the iceberg. The best of their rejuvenation is yet to come.

The body needs time to rebuild itself – think of how long it takes for a broken finger or toe to heal. The full benefit of the rebuilding process can be achieved as quickly as 8 weeks but for most men, the body keeps the rejuvenation process going for 3 months or longer. By month 6, you will feel and be able to perform like a much younger man. Years later, if you think you’d like it again, the treatment can be safely repeated.

How Can I Get Started?

The first step in solving any problem accepting that you have a problem. The second step is resolving to do something about it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in ED, but many men feel shame nonetheless and hide behind pills and sometimes even sexual avoidance. This can cause disproportionate strains on relationships and families. That’s the real shame when you consider that the issue is a simple matter of blood flow that can easily be fixed.

Our expert medical team is dedicated to regenerative, anti-aging therapies that promote wellness and greater life satisfaction for our patients. You can regain your best sexual self and all that goes with it at Advanced Life Clinic in Huntsville, AL. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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