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Boost your energy with B12

Boost your energy with B12 - Medical Spa in Huntsville, AL  Huntsville

What is B12 and why do I need it? Well, like so many of us, if you’ve tried everything to boost your energy and you still feel exhausted; it may be time to start looking for answers. At Advanced Life Clinic, we want to help you look and feel your best so to help boost your energy, we suggest looking at your body’s levels of the vitamin B12.

What is B12?

B12 is a vitamin that lies at the core of our body’s ability to make DNA for new cells, form healthy red blood cells and turn the food we eat into energy to power our metabolism. Recent studies suggest anywhere from 15-40% of Americans don’t have adequate levels of B12 for optimal health.Advanced Life Clinic Wellness programs

Symptoms you may be low on B12:

Low B12 levels can lead to deep fatigue, mood changes and dementia-like qualities; preventing you from feeling your best and having high energy. Symptoms include unusual mood changes, general lack of energy, tingling/numbness in hands or feet, difficulty concentrating, having a hard time remembering things and even an inflamed/red, cracked tongue.

Who’s at risk for a B12 deficiency?

Diets and lifestyles have changed dramatically over the years and can contribute to low levels of B12. Some general ideas for who may be affected are people taking certain medications. A large portion of B12 absorption occurs in the stomach. Stomach acids plays a key role in breaking down food and pulling out B12 so it can be available to your body. Some medications, such as those for heartburn, inhibit gastric acid production and could put you at higher risk for a B12 deficiency. If you regularly take aspirin or are on the diabetes drug Metformin, you could also be at risk.

What can be done?

We offer Energy 4 Seven, an all-natural energy-enhancing injection containing Methyl B12 and L-Carnitine that can provide up to seven days of increased energy. The injections are done here at Advanced Life Clinic, and while they can be given as needed, they are generally spaced every seven to ten days.

Let us help you boost your energy with our whole body approach to health and wellness!
Dr. DeGraaff

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