Healthwise Protein Bars

As you increase the intensity of your workouts, you will need to upgrade your nutrient intake if you wish to build lean muscle mass. At Advanced Life Clinic, we recommend doing so with Healthwise Protein Bars. They are an energy food with the perfect balance of nutrients and beneficial ingredients to keep you healthy and active, especially on days when you are dieting and working out at the same time.

However, accurately adjusting your diet to these needs can be difficult, because by increasing your food intake, you do not want to take too many calories which will make you put on weight. This is where Advanced Clinics can help; by offering Healthwise Protein Bars to our patients, they get a meal that is rich in important nutrients such as calcium, iron and fibers, which will improve your digestive process.

Healthwise Protein Bars come in 10 different flavors and provide the following benefits:

  • They are high in protein; each bar contains about 15 grams.

  • They contain whey protein; whey protein isolates what are known to be the ideal form of proteins for those looking to build muscle mass and lose some extra pounds fast.

  • They are low in caloric value; each bar is 160 satisfying calories, which is enough to energize but not so much that you will have to worry about gaining weight.

  • They taste delicious; you’ll want to eat them on a regular basis, making it easier for you to follow your diet or weight loss program.

  • They effectively curbs or suppress your appetite so that you do not give in to food cravings; in short, they help you stick to your diet plan.