Advanced Life Clinic Weight Loss Services

Advanced solutions to weight loss and control

Shedding pounds is an easy way to look younger, but as you probably know yourself, it’s far from easy to do! That’s where Advanced Life Clinic’s physician-supervised weight loss program can help. We offer the guidance and advice you need to not only motivate but to succeed.

Advanced Programs Designed For You

Your weight loss journey will begin with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, where you’ll learn about our unique personalized approach consisting of prescription medication, hCG, and lipotrophic, B6, and B12 injections. After that, you’ll visit our clinic once a week for injections, weigh-ins, and blood pressure checks, as well as invaluable tips from our friendly and encouraging staff. We’ll also set you up for success with a seven-day eating plan that is loaded with real foods chosen to satisfy your hunger and keep you full for longer. You will eat less because you will NOT be as hungry as before. Less food in and more calories burned = Weight Loss.

Advanced Support Ensures Your Success

You’ll start seeing the amazing results of our tailored plan and your hard work almost immediately. And if you don’t, we’ll work with you to find out why. Because here at the Advanced Clinics, your success is our top priority. So don’t wait until tomorrow to start that some old diet once again. Come in today, and make your weight loss dreams come true.