Why we love The Vampire Facial!




“We have been doing The Vampire Facial treatment for almost 3 years now, and it has quickly become one of our most popular procedures.  Our patients like the fact that we are using their own bodies growth factors to rejuvenate the skin and there is no downtime involved.  Their skin looks and feel so much younger and they are thrilled to be able to return to work and activities the same day”- Dr. Hayley DeGraaff

Dr. DeGraaff incorporated the Vampire PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)Facial and Face-lift procedure three years ago.  PRP injections have been used safely and effectively for years in surgical fields such as Orthopedics and Urology to improve healing time and stimulate new tissue growth.  PRP works by utilizing the patients own growth factors found in platelets to instruct the face, hands, chest, scalp or other areas to repair and stimulate new collagen  This leads to smoother and more rejuvenated appearance.

What makes the Vampire Facial/Face-lift so unique?

You may have tried simple “Micro-needling” or “dermal roller” treatments at home or at other locations and have been unsure if you saw any results.   This is likely due to the quality of the different systems available and inferior home-use or older technology.   This may also be due to the lack of patient education and expectation setting by the practitioner or lack of proper use of the device.

There is  a big difference between a good and bad micro-needling system.  When doing The Vampire Facial at Advanced Life Clinic, we use a superior system called The Eclipse MicroPen for the micro-needling portion of the treatment and this portion of the treatment is done by our fully  licensed and trained medical esthetician.  We then add  PRP to the skin after micro-needling to give a much better result than can be obtained with micro-needling alone.  So, the Vampire Facial combines the highest quality micro-needling with topically applied PRP.  A Vampire Face-lift is a more advanced treatment in which the PRP is actually INJECTED under the skin to stimulate new collagen growth.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrated source of platelet derived growth factors and cytokines that are naturally found in your blood and are key factors in the healthy healing processes of the body.  These processes include collagen remodeling, and soft tissue healing.  These growth factors help stimulate  and stabilize the healthy function of the body’s own skin and tissue.

How do you get the PRP growth factors?

A small amount of the blood is drawn from your arm.  The blood in then spun in a centrifuge to concentrate and separate the plasma from the red and white blood cells.   The plasma is a yellowish, clear colored fluid that we call “Liquid Gold”.  The plasma has high concentrations of the platelet derived growth factors and cytokines.   The PRP is then appplied topically after the micro-needling or injected similar to dermal fillers.

What is micro-needling?

At The Advanced Life Clinic, we use the Eclipse MicroPen for our micro-needling.  This procedure preformed by our medical esthetician, involves introducing tiny channels into the skin to stimulate collagen and allow for better penetration of the topically applied PRP or other products.   After a medical grade topical numbing is applied, this a painless procedure and leaves the skin with a mild sunburn look and feel after the procedure.  There is no down-time with this procedure and should be able to return to work the next day.  Micro-needling has been shown to reduce fine lines, reduce the appearance of pores and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.  We also use micro-needling for stretch marks, scalp rejuvenation and acne scarring.  Micro-needling is also safe for teenager, more mature skin and ethnic skin types.

What is the difference between The Vampire Facial and The Vampire Face-lift?

At Advanced Life Clinic, Dr. DeGraaff is trained and certifies provider of both procedures.

The Vampire Facial involves topically applying the PRP to the surface of the skin after the micro-needling is finished.  The PRP then seeps into the microscopic holes on the skins surface.

The Vampire Facial involves actually injecting another tube of PRP directly into the skin similar to how other dermal fillers are injected.   This gives a volumizing and lifting effect to the face, neck, chest or hands.  PRP may also be injected at the time or treatment with fillers such as Voluma or Juvederm to allow the fillers to last longer and add additional collagen.  The Vampire Face-lift is part of what’s called a “Liquid Face-lift” and is truly a non-surgical face-lift.

What results can you expect?

  • Overall improvement in the look, feel and quality of skin
  • Improves skin of the face, neck, chest, hands and other areas.
  • Evens out pigment issues and discolorations
  • Decreases acne scarring, improves pore size
  • Repairs collagen and stimulates new collagen
  • Gives a smoother and more refreshed look
  • Continues to give improvements after each treatment
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines

What can I expect immediately after treatment?

The Vampire Facial and Face-lift may leave your skin with a warm, flushed, sunburn-like appearance.  This redness may last 12-24 hours but no significant lingering pain should be expected.  There may be a very small amount of puffiness but no severe swelling is reports by most of our patients.  We have had no reports of bruising.  The micro-needles are too small and don’t penetrate deep enough to cause bleeding. However, if you are having The Vampire Face-lift done, the injections from needles can cause some bruising.   You can wear a small amount of mineral makeup after 12  hours to minimize any redness.  Typically. our patients tell us that no one knew they had the treatment but the next day.  The results from the treatment should become visible within the first few days  with improved glow of the skin reported.  Results will continue to improve over the next several weeks to months and the PRP stimulates collage.

Are The Vampire Facial and Face-lift safe?

Absolutely!! Dr. DeGraaff has been doing this procedure and we have had no complications and you can be reassured knowing that Dr. DeGraaff has been doing this procedure for several years now and has over 11 years of experience in doing cosmetic injections in general.  Also, since we are using your bodies OWN growth factors, there is no deed to worry about any allergic reactions.  We use only FDA approved products to perform this treatment and Dr. DeGraaff was trained by Dr. Charles Runnels who actually invented this procedure!

What is the cost of the procedure and how long will it take?

Our patient generally arrive 1-1.5 hours prior to their procedure to that the blood can be collected and prepared and a topical numbing can be applied to the skin.  It will take a little longer to do the treatment if you are having both The Vampire Facial and The Vampire Face-lift.   There procedure ARE done on the same day.  The cost of The Vampire Facial alone is $600.  The Vampire Facelift alone is $900 and the cost of The Vampire Facial and Face-lift done together is $1200.  Additional prices for adding the neck, hands and chest may be added.