The “Eyes” have it! What you should be doing for younger looking eyes NOW!

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“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides“- Audrey Hepburn

A woman’s eyes have been said to show her heart, but they can also show our age.  Many women will show the first sign of aging near and around the eyes with sagging eyelids, hollowness under the eyes and more noticeable crow’s feet lines.   Women also assume that the only treatments for these conditions are surgical when actually the best eye treatments for the early signs of aging require NO SURGERY at all!  So what are the top things you can do to rejuvenate your eyes?

1.  Botox is still #1– Botox is still the number one cosmetic treatment in the world and is specifically beneficial around the eyes.  In fact, Botox was actually discovered by an Ophthalmologist using Botox to treat upper lid muscle spasms.  Botos is fabulous at relaxing the muscles around the eyes to soften the crow’s feet and lift the brow to give the eye a more open look.  Botox takes about 5 minutes to do around the eyes, causes minimal pain and bruising and takes about a week to take effect.  Botox will last around 3-5 months and has been proven over and over to be safe for long term use! Cost for typical Botox brow-lift and crows feet treatment is around $350-500 depending on the patient.

2.  Use Latisse to lengthen your eye lashes to make your eyes appear bigger and more open.   Bigger eyes are considered to be a universal sign of beauty. Longer lashes can actually make the eyes appear younger and less tired.  Latisse  makes your eye lashes about 30% longer than normal and keeps them from shedding as fast as they normally would.  It takes about 6 weeks to see the full lengthening effect and the eye lashes will return to normal if stopped.  Latisse is very safe and is FDA approved.  Cost $150 for the 5 ml vial.

3.  Use “Fillers” under the eyes to lessen the appearance of the dark circles.  “Wrinkle -fillers” such as Resytlane-L are not just for lips and folds!  These gel-like fillers are fabulous for filling in under the eyes to lift up the deep trough that develops as we age.   This gets the skin away from the blood vessels under they eye which lessens the appearance of dark circle.  It can also help camouflage the “bags” that develop under the eyes as well by filling in around the bags.  Fillers can last up to 1 year under the eyes which is much longer than in some other areas of the face.  The fillers are now inserted with a cannula instead of a needle so we get much less swelling and bruising than we used too!! Cost $500 per syringe.

4.  Use a physician grade under-eye cream or serum.   There so many eye potions and lotions available it can be very confusing! We recommend you see a skin care specialist or esthetician who can help figure out what type of products you need so you don’t spend money on too many products.  Most women do benefit from products that contain anti-oxidants and  growth factors and if you get GOOD, high-quality products, you will see results of fewer fine lines and and puffiness around the eyes!

5.  Try ULTHERAPY!  Ultherapy is an ultrasound based treatment that uses high-intensity ultrasound waves that are penetrated under the skin to cause new collagen to form.   Ultrasound waves can penetrate deeper than laser heat, so you get a deeper layer of collagen and much more LIFT with Ultherapy.  Ultherapy is done above the eye to lift the brow making the upper eyelid appear less heavy and tired.  It is also done under the eye to help tighten the skin and improve the crinkled appearance that happens with age.   Ultherapy for the eye and brow lift only takes about 30-45 minutes and leaves little to no redness, swelling or bruising.   The results of the Ultherapy are seen gradually over a 3 month period.  Cost $750-1200 depending on the patient.