Advanced Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing is a newer and safer form of traditional CO2 laser skin resurfacing that penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production. The treatment helps restore the look and feel of wrinkled and sun damaged skin, and can also be effective for diminishing the appearance of acne scarring and skin discoloration.

Laser skin resurfacing is the #1 anti-aging breakthrough technology to repair and restore your skin to an age-resistant beauty level! It is designed to reverse the effects of:

  • Wrinkles

  • Skin Texture Irregularities

  • Pigmented Lesions

  • Fine Lines

  • Acne Scars

  • Sun Damage

What Is Matrix Fractional CO2 Technology?

Matrix Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing uses a highly sophisticated laser that gently and precisely removes the top layer of the sun-damaged and aging skin. New skin cells resurface the treated area and lay down new collagen that is indistinguishable from that newborn undamaged skin. This renewal process is similar in the result of a deep chemical peel, yet without its complications.

How Does It Work?

The high-speed UltraFine Fractional Scanner will direct a grid pattern of tiny pulses of light at the skin. Each pulse delivers a column of energy that can reach the skin’s dermal layer. This stimulates a natural renewal process of the body’s own collagen. Also, because the laser beam has been fractionized, small areas of untreated skin will be left between the treated spots. By strategically performing the procedure in this way, the healing process is accelerated.

The result?

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the mouth are smoothed. Deep laugh and frown creases can be softened. Acne scars and some uneven surgical scars are rendered much less apparent to the eyes. Even delicate areas on the lips and eyelids can be rejuvenated safely.

What Does the Laser Treatment Feel Like?

Treatment sensations vary from person to person. As tiny pulses of energy are delivered into the skin, most patients will experience a warm sharp feeling and an immediate tightening of the skin. Some swelling may occur for few days, particularly around the eyes, and the skin is pink for 2-3 days, followed by peeling for a few days. However, swelling and discomfort is minimal and most patients are able to go on with daily activities after 2 days. Repeat treatments can be done in 4-6 weeks.