About Advanced Life Clinic

Advanced Life Clinic is owned by Dr. Hayley DeGraaff, an Arkansas native and graduate of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Dr. DeGraaff originally completed her residency in family medicine at UAB Huntsville, but later went on to work in geriatrics as an associate professor of medicine of the university. It was during this time that she became interested in anti-aging medicine and the growing effort to improve overall patient wellness.

After pursuing additional training in the field, Dr. DeGraaff opened Advanced Life Clinic in 2004, starting with simple anti-aging procedures but quickly adopting an overall, integrative practice that includes lifestyle coaching, weight loss, and wellness. Today, the Advanced Life Clinic is one of the region’s foremost destinations for patients interested in a whole-body approach to looking and feeling younger.

As for Dr. DeGraaff, she says the satisfaction that comes with helping patients achieve their goals cannot be underestimated. “A lot of people might look as aesthetics as totally frivolous. Are we curing cancer?” she asks. “No. But patients are extremely appreciative when you make them feel better. It’s very rewarding.”

Dr. DeGraaff has been licensed to practice medicine in Alabama since 1996, and is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine as well as a past member of the American Academy of Family Practice. Dr. DeGraaff is fully trained and certified in the use of the Lumenis Lightsheer laser, Lumenis Duet, Ultherapy, Matrix CO2 Laser, Sandstone Tattoo Removal Lasers, and the Quantum IPL Laser. She has completed numerous training courses in the use of Botox® and wrinkle fillers, and at one time was a member of the physician training staff for Sculptra.

Clinical Staff

Bonnie Maples, LPN & Licensed Esthetician

Bonnie brings extensive experience and expertise to Advanced Life Clinic as a graduate of Minnesota State Technical College and St. John’s School of Aesthetics. She says she particularly enjoys the “growing and changing” aspect of the wellness and anti-aging fields, adding that “it’s medically rewarding.”

Teri-Beth Mordecai, Weight Loss Consultant and Laser Tech

Nancy Finnegan, Licensed Professional Makeup Artist

Nancy is a licensed Makeup Artist that has been doing makeup professionally for seven years. “I love what I do and enjoy showing women how to apply their makeup and introducing them to amazing products like Glo Minerals,” adding, “it is my pleasure to use this fantastic makeup line that is not only very easy to apply but is also very good for the skin.”

Administrative Staff

Chris Hutton, Office Administrator

As Advanced Life Clinic’s chief financial officer, Chris primarily works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the clinic.

Diane Reisentz, Office Manager

Diane joined Advanced Life Clinic as office manager after working in retail for many years. “I never thought I would work in a doctor’s office, but people come in here and leave happier,” she says. “I lucked into this job and it worked out!”

Joanna Noland, Front Office Assistant

Julie Landwehr, Front Office Assistant

While her title is front office assistant, Julie is in fact a customer service specialist. So it comes as no surprise to learn her favorite part of working at Advanced Life Clinic is interacting with the people around her. “I like all the people I work with and I like the people that come in,” she says. “I especially like seeing them happier when they leave than when they came in the door!”

Olivia Clark, Lead Patient Coordinator

Olivia earned her stripes in customer service after a long career with Delta Airlines, and while she is now happy to be permanently based in Huntsville, she says still enjoys “meeting different people every day and fixing their problems.”